Transpose semitone on Virus C

  • Hi there,

    I'm creating an ambient/drone track and would like to have a smooth
    pitch transposition effect (by an octave or so up and/or down) on one of
    the oscillators as the note plays. I believe there are a couple examples of this in Vangelis' music for Bladerunner.

    While the pad is playing, I'd like to smoothly transpose the semi
    (pitch) of one of the oscillators on my Virus C to add some interesting
    shifts in the parts of the sound. I know I can do it manually by turning the semi knob as it plays but can
    anyone help me automate this pitch shift--perhaps using an lfo on the
    virus, setting the pitch wheel on my controller (Novation Impulse 49) or something else via ableton?

    Thanks very much! I appreciate the help!


  • Thanks for your response stealthcam! I'm using a pad-type sound with a long release. Instead of bending the OSC on each note I play, what I'm hoping to do is to have the OSC transposition occur (at a designated amount--1 octave or so) at some point after I've pressed the note and hold the key down. I can get this effect manually by pressing a note, holding it down and then manually moving the SEMI knob. However, it's tricky to tweak it correctly so that I move it an octave. I'm hoping to automate it somehow so that it's more accurate. My assumption is that I'll need to set the pitch-bender for SEMI or something. Hope that helps. Thanks again for your response! I'll definitely give your suggestion a try.