VC Graphics missing in cubase 7.5

  • I getting a lot of graphics missing in the virus control. Works fine but some graphics like the filter wheels around the filters are missing. This doesn't happen right away though. Anyone else have graphical errors?? A lot of the times when it starts with the VC other plugins graphics go missing. Mostly the moving parts of the plugins.

    I'm running an amd quad core 4.20 with. 4 gigs of ram and a ATI Radeon hd 6450(don't remember the exact number) with windows 7.

  • Apparently or actually it's a ram problem. From what I got from tech support in so many words was don't use the virus in a 32 bit system. There is not enough ram when your projects get bigger. I think this is dumb. Maybe the virus takes up to much ram. It's a now I have to go spend $200 on ram and reformat my computer and go 64bit just to get the virus to work properly??? No thank you . I'll take the crashes and start printing my tracks.

    Hope this helps others.