Without usb ?

  • Can i use my virus Snow only with the midin in & out without the usb ?

    With Fl Studio by exemple ?

    Witch card is the best ? Firewire, usb 2, pci, ...?

    Witch desktop i need, because with mine the sound thru the usb is uggly, why ?

    Thank you ;(

  • Hi there!

    I'm surprised no ones answered you yet...

    Anyway, I don't know about Fruity Loops, but all Virus TIs can work without USB and with Midi. So as long as your DAW can output Midi to the outside world (besides Reason, I think pretty much all of them do), you'll be able to control your Virus via Midi.
    But you will need a Midi interface to make the link between your computer and the Virus (don't worry, they're rather cheap nowadays) and these connect on a USB port.

    By Card, I assume you mean Audio Interface/sound card.
    This is a very open question, with many opinions, so I won't get into it. To be honest, there are plenty of resources on the internet, one of them being Sound On Sound Magazine online. All articles over 1 year old are free to browse, so it's worth having a look there. But it's certainly not the only place! in this situation, Google is your friend!

    Finally, the question as to what desktop you need is even more open-ended, and I don't even want to start getting into the whole Mac Vs PC thing. The computer you need really depends on what you want to do, what your budget is, what your level in music writing is, are you planning on making music for a living, blah blah blah.

    If you wan to give me a few more details, I'd be glad to narrow your options down for you.