Setting up Virus TI With a External soundcard/DAW

  • I've browsed around the forums with little success in finding the answer to my question...
    I recently purchased a new audio interface (Steinberg UR22), which i've connected to my Virus TI 2 thru the Ouput 1/2 to line Input 1/2 so i can bounce the audio directly from the virus to the soundcard. However I'm unable to get any sound when i play any notes on my midi keyboard (Midi signals recived in DAW which are sent to the Virus with success - My midi keyboard doesnt have any MIDI out (USB Only), getting a new one soon that does have it.).

    Virus Settings:
    Virus TI > [Patch Cables] -> UR22 -> [Ableton Live 8] Computer
    I've tried various settings, this is how i believe it to be set up but I may be wrong:

    Virus PART settings: -Main Out- Out1 L+R
    Input/Output settings 3 Outs / 1 Input -> Surround Output: Out1 L+R

    Ableton Settings:
    Driver type ASIO
    Audio Device: Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO
    Input Config: 1/2 Stereo
    Output Config: 1/2 Stereo

    Soundcard ASIO Settings:
    Sample rate 44.1 kHz
    Clock source: Internal
    Buffer: 512

    Ableton Live Audio channel settings:
    I have several options here,
    - Ext In.
    - "Asio4ALL rewire Input"
    - Virus TI (Usually my choice when i use the USB Mode for the synth)

    I tried to change the audio MME/DirexcX too as the audio device in settings but doesnt seem to work either...

    Why am I not getting any sound? Ideas where i made the wrong settings?