How to create an effect over a period of time rather than starting when the note is retriggered

  • Hi All

    Firstly, I am no sound designer... never created anything before, but I have recently watched a youtube video by a member on here explaining a method of using the Virus Arp as a step sequence. This gave me an idea that I want to try just for some fun which is to attempt to recreate a super arp/sequence off a track I really like. However, I think I can create the notes to be used in the sequence using the method described, but what I have no clue about is how to make any effect I use on the sequence last as long as the entire sequence, rather than when any new note is triggered.

    So, say I wanted to fade in the filter cut-off (or any desired effect) over the 32 notes of the sequence, and then restart when the sequence starts again on note 1, how would I do that?

    Is this enough information for someone to offer help please?

    For those who may be interested, the sequence/arp is from a superb track called Embrace by Skagen. It's a Maj7th chord in the sequence, and sounds superb.