How to add a new TI Track in Logic

  • HI All

    I seem to have forgotten how to do this... but I need to add a new track in Logic Pro 9 for another TI track.

    I added a software instrument as the Main TI track, and used the first channel in Virus control for my bass line. I now want to add another track in Logic for additional lines (arp and strings).

    I replicated the track, set MIDI 1as the source for the first bass track, and set MIDI 2 as the source for the second track. In Virus Control, I selected an arp, but nothing plays at all from that track.

    What am I doing wrong please, and how do I fix this? Do I need to start again by adding 8 Virus tracks in a new Logic Project and copying across what I have done already?

    Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks all.