How to alternate panning?

  • Greetings!

    This is my first thread on this excellent forum and I regret that it comes as a plea for help.

    Let us say that I am playing repeatedly the same note. Is there a way to convince my Virus C to pan the odd notes completely left and the even notes completely right, so as to create a ping-pong effect albeit triggered manualy?

    I have tried this in two ways: in my first attempt, I used a square LFO with zero rate, maximum amount, which panned the notes depending on the trig phase set by me. As expected, no ping pong there. If I let the LFO run free, I, then, aquire a non-dependent alternation in panning.

    Something around these lines happens with my second course of action; a S&H LFO, rate of 0, maximum amount. This does not ensure alternation in panning and even if it did, not at the maximum amount.

    I am looking forward to reading a solution (if one exists). 10q.