Copy a patch in Multimode from Patch 1-16 to patch >16

  • Hello everybody.

    How can I save in multimode a patch that is located for ex. at n. 13 in location n° 20? If I press STORE and then choose the destination the VIRUS doesn't let me press STORE to save the patch.. if I save it for example at n. 14 in multimode everything is ok.

    I thinks it's something about the fact that the first 16 patches in multimode are different, but how can I copy a patch that is stored in multi in position 1-16 to these positions? I don't want to re-create the sounds…

    Thank you in advance!!

  • That makes sense….
    in Multi mode, in patches 1-16 each parts patch is an independent copy of the 'single patch'. i.e. if you change the patch in single it will not affect the multi.
    parts > 16, are links to the single patch, so when it changes, the MM also changes. *
    (* actually it only changes when you reload that MM patch, as like in single mode, all changes are done in a buffer until they are saved)

    So going back to your question… when you copy from 13 to 20, the TI doesn't know that you have changed the parts in 13, so when you put it 20 it would sound completely different (as it would reference the single mode patch)
    … this would be confusing, and potentially 'dangerous' in that you would loose part of your sound design.
    (id guess it should be ok the other way, e.g. 20 to 13)