Automating the oscillator pitch using the matrix with cubase 7.5......

  • Hello everyone.

    I am trying to automate the oscillator pitch using the modulation matrix.. I can move the matrix sliders and that move the pitch up and down but i cannot seem to automate them. What am i doing wrong? I am new to the virus ti and i would like to know how to do this.

    I can get a better laser sounding effect when i move the sliders upwards and then sharply downwards. You seem to have more control with the pitch if you use the matrix instead of just using the pitch bend in the key editor in cubase.

    I am using cubase 7.5 with the virus ti2 desktop with os5.

    Would be a great help if you can help me out!

    Much regards.

    Doug :)......

  • You really should not post the same thing in multiple sections of the forums, as it makes it difficult to keep all the replies in one thread.
    Thus people, including yourself, are forced to check multiple threads instead of one for answers. It's also a bit annoying to have to keep track multiple threads.
    Also, if someone comes upon one of the threads later searching for the same answer you are, they might not find it in its entirety. They might find one thread and see no answer in it, then skip the other two thinking it's the same one.

    Anyway, given you've posted it three times here, hopefully you've posted the same thing on the Cubase forums? That would seem the best place to get an answer to automation in Cubase.
    I don't use Cubase, so I'm not sure if this is an issue with the Virus or Cubase. When I tried this in Reaper, the mod matrix slots could not be automated. I suspect that may be a limitation of the Virus.

    However, if you make your source slot one of the controls, e.g. Control 09, give the oscillator pitch destination slot a non-zero value, and set one of the Soft Knobs destination to that control, you can automate the soft knob. I'm not sure if that will do exactly what you want, but I kind of suspect it's the closest you'll get.

  • Yeah sorry for posting multiple threads of the same message. I thought I would get a reply straight away. I'm not that experienced with posting questions on forums. I just thought people would see it quicker but like you said its best just to play just the one thread.

    And thanks I'll try that with the soft knobs.

    I can pitch bend in cubase so the question is about the ti as modulating the pitch seems to sound better than using the pitch bend in cubase as when you do it through the ti you would probably be able to adjust the attack, decay, release and sustain all at the same time. Well you can on sylenth anyways.

    Cheers for getting back to me :)