Simple question - vary volume by pitch

  • Morning virusland.

    I'm going a bit crazy this morning. I haven't programmed the virus in a while and I'm struggling to remember where I need to go on the TI to vary volume by pitch.

    The best I have found so far is in the ModMatrix using keyfollow to mod patch volume, but I don't know where I control which note this is based from. I tried editing the note in the filter section but it didn't seem to do what I expected.

    A tiny bit more info - I'm building up a Multipatch for our bands next song, and I want one part to become more audible as I move up the keyboard to help smooth the join between overlapping layers.

    Please point me in the right direction!



  • MrMowgli, I believe the question is more about wishing to control at what note on the keyboard the modulation is centred (the point at which has no affect, if you go below this point your modulation is negative, above the point the modulation is positive).

    Without looking at my Virus the I'd suggest looking in the filter section, I'm pretty sure I remember something being there...