How to use Virus Ti2-Keyboard to play in MIDI-Data?

  • hi everbody :)
    i own over three days now a virus ti2, and i have a "simple" midi-question:

    how do i use the virus-ti2 as masterkeyboard to play in those tons of patches into the sequencer?

    audio and VirusTI-Plug-In works well, but it seems that the keyboard is not in function while using the virus-plugin (USB-Mode).
    If i play the keyboard, no midi-messages are present.
    and thats my problem :D if that would works i would be ready to start making music ;)

    which settings i have to make?

    i use cubase7.07
    - virus in USB-Mode
    - inserted as VST-Instrument.

    in the virus-ti2:
    - global channel 01
    - midi dev. id: omni

    -->without usb-connection everthing works fine.
    midi in/out is like a common hardware-synthesizer.

    greets :)

    PS: with a masterkeyboard plugged in to midi-in of the virus i can play all parts.
    anyway - no solution for me! thats no total integration for me. ?(