Internal power supply for TI KEYBOARD

  • Hi. My Virus TI KEYBOARD stopped working with no power. I suspect it is the power supply. Since it is well out of warranty, i opened it up to find that the power supply unit is similar to that you would use on a laptop. Manufactured by PUT POWERTECH inc. it is Model Ref AD2512A 12v 2.08Aa output 10=13.5v 2.5A 25Wmax. I contacted Access directly and they want 50 euros for the unit and 38 euros to ship it from Germany to the UK plus 19% vat making the total 105 euros. FOR A POWER SUPPLY????????????. I did not request the one with gold solder joints. This is a ridiculous price. Has anyone found a compatible unit anywhere that they have fitted successfully? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Alan.

  • I need this as well, i think the price €45.- for the adaptor is fair, but not €31,- for shipping it to sweden. is there any other replacement, or maybe a reseller in sweden who has this adaptor in stock?


  • My Virus TI desktop will not power up after a failed attempt to update to 5.1 (for Yosemite support). Ideas?? Seems so strange.

    Also, why would Access charge for a replacement, when it is clearly the result of their software upgrade?