USB connection to Korg Kronos

  • My main (and pretty much only) board is a Korg Kronos. It has 2 USB connections which allow connecting a variety of audio and MIDI devices. I've already used them on several instruments:
    - M-Audio Axiom MIDI controller
    - Roland AX Synth keytar
    - A CME Widi-XU which is a wireless MIDI USB stick

    Unfortunately, I'm not having much success with my brand new Virus TI Desktop. When I connect the Virus with a USB cable, nothing happens - no MIDI or Audio. I was kind of hoping to use the USB connection to control the Virus, and have the Audio on the USB bus too. For now, I need to use an old MIDI cable and use the Analog inputs of my Kronos to get the Virus sound. The alternative would be using SP/DIF, but the Virus uses RCA while my Kronos uses optical connections.

    Anyway who had any success to get these two to work properly ?

  • hello,

    found on SoS: