WTF access?! The 4U rack kit for the ti2 is NOT 4U

  • The TI2 rack mount kit is advertized as a 4U kit, which is 7", however it does NOT fit a 4U rack space as its actually 7 7/8". Why would you lie? I have just built a custom desk for my studio with 2 4U rack spaces because YOUR advertized specs say it requires a 4U rack space. Now that I just received my brand new TI2 and rack kit, it doesn't fit! Had you correctly advertized your specs, I could have made arrangements to allow for the extra 7/8" required. I am extremely disappointed with your company right now. :thumbdown:

  • Hmmm... It appears you are correct sir. I thought I had read it on your site, but it seems that my gripe is with and not with you, as they advertized it as a 4U kit. I apologize for my previous post. Thank you for your quick reply.

  • Just contact Sweetwater and they will let you return it. They have good service. Let them know the exact dimensions so that they can change the copy on their web site-


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  • Hi all,

    In any case the dimensions of Access Virus TI 2 Desktop showed in your site are wrong still

    Real Access Virus TI 2 Desktop dimensions are as followed (in cm):

    Height: 6.5 cm (NOT 8 cm)
    Width: 44.8 cm (NOT 47 cm)
    Depth: 19.3 cm (NOT 18.8)

    I figured all this because I was wondering if I could mount it an a 4RU rack space and unfortunately I can't because 4RUs = 4,445 * 4 = 17,78 cm and Access Virus TI 2 Desktop DEPTH (it's depth because it is meant to be siting on a table flat) is 19,3 cm. So NO it seems like Access Virus TI 2 Desktop is not a 4RU module.

    I must admit that I'm 99% sure of all that and if I'm wrong please let me know I would much appreciate it. Just don't tell me that dimensions are wrong cause I know how to use a meter and find dimensions so please Access Music team change your dimension specs.