TI desktop: Multi-mode: changing active Part by MIDI

  • wondering if there's a way with the TI desktop to switch between Parts in Multi-mode without using the left-right Part buttons but via a MIDI message.
    sometimes i have to jump between Parts and start tweaking the knobs very quickly, there's just not enough time to press the Part buttons multiple times to locate the needed Part. automating the Part change would be perfect.
    please help.

  • you'd have to play with the sysex messages, to see what comes out (its not possible via CCs) , i think it is probably possible though.
    but the question is why?
    the 'normal' (and default) solution would just be to have each part on a separate midi channel, and when you want to change parts simply send midi on the midi channel corresponding to the part.

  • yes that's what i am currently doing.
    the problem is in using the TI's panel, the knobs etc, for tweaking the particular part. the panel is controlling the selected active part. locating it via the Part left/right buttons is sometimes too much of a hassle in a live setting.

  • ah, i understand, you want to be able to see the part...
    hmm, well the sysex list i have says that perhaps

    SysEx Parameterchange:
    7x :Parameterchange 70:page A; 71:page B; 72:page C
    pp :Part number 00..0F: Multi part 1..16; 40: Single
    nn :Parameter Number 0..127 (see parameter list)
    vv :Parameter Value 0..127 (see parameter list)

    and part number is: C123 g Part Number 0..15;40 0..15:Multi Part 1..16; 40:Single Buffer
    so to change to part number 12

    but I've not tested it, so may or may not work :)
    (these are derived from the VirusC, so some have changed... i usually verify by capturing the sysex from the TI and then verifying it... but i don't have time to do that - sorry )

  • Hi,

    I'm also looking for a way to do this. Would be great if one could use one command to make a part visible on the virus and simultaneously show that track in the sequencer. With many parts like this it is very desirable for absolute reference to a part. Having to scroll between 16 different parts relatively, is not very convenient. Access could implement midi-control to the part selector in the VirusControl maybe? that would solve my problems. But for people only using hardware i guess a sysex would be better. Any new on this, did you find a solution?