Set up Virus Ti2 in Logic

  • I have realy big problems vith setting up my Virus Ti2 in logic,as i understand it should be possible to use three sounds at the same time by using multitimbral.And fine that works but i can't solo or mix the seperal sounds in the mixer.Vhen i mute let's say the först track/sound in logic i mute all three sounds that i'm using.Can someone please help me?I have tried this tutorial but i just can't get it right,si there a better way than using multitimbral?…t-logic-set-up-guide.html


  • Hi
    I'm using Logic Pro and i have routed track one to usb 1 L+R Track two to usb 2 L+R and track three to usb 3 L+R
    And in the mixer i have pushed the plus button so that i have two more stripes named aux that doesnt make any different
    Is there a nother way to do it? I vould like to mix each track by it self

  • Logic Pro X? (The black one)

    im going in got check this out when I get back to the studio as you shouldn't have any problem routing three sounds to separate outputs and mixing them, that's the point of it.