Virus TI keeps crashing cubase - blue screen

  • Yeah well, what do you know, got my first beta crash today. Same as always, during export with Cubase 8. BSOD, the works.

    This is getting very long in the tooth, this is the only piece of software that wreak havoc in my machine.

    Way to go, Access. No really. May we suggest hiring proper devs who know their salt?

  • i have this issue too, spoke to access for months trying to sort it out and in the end they could not do anything.

    i bought a new SSD for the PC, PCIe USB3 card, used and, re-installed windows 7 pro 64 bit and even got the new version of cubase 8 and still every time i load it up it blue screens.

    it worked fine before but now after all the attempts to fix, rolling back and then using beta my machine is well confused and i have given up, my virus ti2 sits in the corner of my studio collecting dust.

  • New owner, just starting to migrate into a new DAW setup.

    When I performed the original install, during firmware detection/updating or whatnot (I think this TI2 is already at the latest), instant bluescreen. Each time I repeated this process the bluescreen happened at the same place in the install.

    At first the Virus Midi device driver was flagged as improperly installed, but that must have been corrected eventually during these repeated installation attempts.

    However, I now am receiving a bluescreen when trying to engage the Virus as a midi device—in this case through Bitwig Studio. So to me these somehow seem related. Haven't pinged support yet. Otherwise audio over USB works fine.

  • Right.

    I'm officially fed up with this bug, others in the VSTi that are still there, the out of sync lovely stories and everything else. I'm throwing the towel and selling off the damn thing. One can only rejoice at blue screens ad nauseum for so long.