Virus TI2 Unison and Midi CC

  • Hello fellow musicians,
    I got a question about how to control unison mode/detune/phase/spread parameters using an external controller.
    My current configuration is Virus TI2 Desktop connected with midi only (usb unplugged) to my audio interface, and an iPad +Midi Designer app which I use to edit all the Virus parameters that would be otherwise accessible with some menu digging. Almost everything goes fine, except the four unison parameters (associated with Midi CC 97-98-99-100, from the Virus C manual's midi cc implementation chart; I asked Access support directly and they tell me it's the same as VTI).
    I see on the Virus display that the midi cc messages are actually received (there's a sort of "monitor" small icon appearing), but no change in unison department.
    Does anyone know what's wrong, or if the unison parameters have another cc#?

  • I just found out the C uses MIDI CCs 97-100 for unison settings (like described in the C manual), however the TI ignores these and instead uses "bank D" data 120-123 (positions in dump 504-507). One of the results of this is that transferring patches between Ti and C using the MIDI dump function can break the unison settings.

    By the way, the unison mode on the C goes up to 16 while on the Ti it only goes up to 8.