Xfer Serum vs Virus

  • Serum is really great! I'm not seeing it as a competitor for the virus in the same way I dont see any vsts or hardware synths as competitors. The virus is the virus, simple as that. Serum does sound similar to the virus for that particular sound. I dont think you can make anything out of a comparison like that. I think you can do awesome supersaws with a lot of hardware and software synths. The good thing about the serum (as with the virus) is what you get for your money. The complete "package" of the serum synth is really good. The layout is awesome. The virus feels intuitive, but serum is even more so. The matrix page is really, really good. The effects sounds great etc. You get an good overall view of everything. Thumbs up for serum! They both have limitations. In my case its not about the other sounds better than the other. Its about how it feels working with them. Just my opinion.