LFO Problems!

  • Hi Folks,

    Having some issues with the lfos. I've assigned envelope 3 to modulate l2o rate. I can hear this taking effect as I've assigned lfo2 to modulate pan. The lfo2 starts slow then speeds up to a rapid triangle pan as the lfo2 is multiplied by envelope 3. However, when assigning other modulation destinations to lfo2, such as distortion mix, or patch volume, I'm not hearing the envelope 3 having any effect, I'm getting a constant lfo2 rate! Only the pan modulation seems to be effected by lfo2 rate multiplied by envelope 3.

    Could someone please help me to understand what's happening here??? How can I get the other destinations to use lfo2 AFTER it follows envelope 3???


  • Hi gnomebottom,

    The envelopes are only available to modify parameters per voice, anything in the effects section or patch volume can not be modulated with envelopes as these are set per patch.

  • Thanks for this info. In my case there seems to be another problem. I'm modulating distortion mix with lfo2 and it's working, I can hear the distortion mix pulsing along with lfo2. However, when I modulate lfo2 rate with envelope 3 so that lfo2 rate starts slow and then increases to max speed, this effect should pass on to distortion mix so that the modulation starts slow and then increases to max speed in synch with lfo2 rate, or am I wrong? After all, it's not envelope 3 that's modulating distortion mix, it's lfo2 that's modulating it, and since lfo2 is itself being modulated by envelope 3, shouldn't this work?