Over 190 Patches - PADS X HEAVEN Vol.1 Virus TI2 / TI ​Soundset

  • Hi guys

    This is the Pads X Heaven Vol.1 for the Access Virus TI Instrument

    New collection of synth pads " Pads X Heaven Vol.1 " for the Access Virus TI.

    We provide you the best synth pads ( modern and vintage) sounds in one place.
    Great for Techno , Ambient ( Music, Film/Soundtrack, Game
    Design ) Chill Out, Trance, House, Breaks, Trap, PoP and many more. From the simple pads to the more interesting and very complex.

    This soundbank contains 175 basic ( divided into two parts ) patches
    plus 15 Layer patches - More about Layering patches at the website.

    Additional information

    - Hardware ; Access Virus TI 2 / TI / Snow / POLAR
    - License for one user
    - Format : mid- Style : Electronic music
    - Number of patches 190
    - All content is 100% royalty free

    Product Explanation :
    This product contains synthesizer presets in mid. - Virus TI format.

    Youtube Trailer :


    Youtube Patches walkthrough / 100 % Virus TI sound :


    For more info please go to : www.ultimatexsounds.com

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