Total Intergration Software is worthless

  • I find the Virus software to be worthless. It gets out of sync with Logic no matter what USB port I use. It crashes all the time. Virus Control Center also locks up all the time and my Snow has to be restarted, or even the whole machine restarted. From what I am reading on here these issues have lingered for years and years and years too. Access cannot seem to get this right. I have ran the latest version, including the newest beta. I am on a Mac OS x 10.10.1 iMac i7 32 GB RAM. I have ran it in Logic, Cubase, etc... It is terrible no matter the DAW. Anyone here have any idea why it is such a buggy mess? I end up triggering my Snow old school via midi. I don't even leave the USB cable plugged into it because it makes my overall system unstable, including the Audio Midi Setup in Mac... Bummed cause using it as a plugin is currently a lost cause. Does anyone know of any good software that I can at least edit and control my patches without having to use the buttons on the Snow? That is another thing, what is Access thinking not having a standalone app for simply editing patches? You have to do it all from within your DAW as a plugin where things are unstable as heck.

    Thanks everyone!

  • I have had nothing but problems with OS 5.0. I tried everything to get it right and nothing would work. I reinstalled OS 4 last night and it finally works without any problems. Have you tried using version 4 ? I know it sucks because 5.0 has a lot of new cool features that I can't use but i'd rather have something that works then nothing at all, so i'll have to stick with OS 4 for now.

  • if you discover crashes in logic, there is something fundamentally wrong with your setup. you can say a lot about total integration but crashes are not on the list.

    ps. don't waste your time installing older version which are not compatible with 10.10.

    What about Cubase 7.5 ? Are ya'll going to get OS 5 to work with it? Would be nice if I could use it instead of having to use version 4. I never got any kind of crashes, but it will not play more than 30 secs without getting out of sync or making these popping/cracking noises. I've tried everything to fix the problem and nothing has worked except downgrading to OS 4

  • @Marc I can assure you that there is NOTHING "fundamentally wrong" with my setup. I am an Apple tech, and I have been a mixing/mastering engineer and producer for over 20 years. I know how to run a lean clean install. System don't get much cleaner than mine. I know how to optimize a Mac to be best suited for most any DAW. Total Integration is terribly flawed. I am surprised in all actuality that ACCESS has let it be so unstable for so long. Tempo based patches get out of sync, starting and stopping playback you get weird random pops and clicks (audio artifacts), occasionally even the patch will just start playing all garbled like the audio is being processed all wrong. This is on a system not even playing the audio through the USB outs of the Virus, but rather using the direct outs into a UA Apollo. I have tried everything I know to get it all "stable", NO CIGAR... If anyone from ACCESS has any pointers or useful suggestions other than to come on and tell me there is something "wrong" with my setup, I am all ears...

  • Haha this thread got me in tears even tho its pretty sad! No matter what audio forum u are everyone is moaning about the TI! It's absolutely terrible! I already sold my second ti because its pretty useless as an audio interface.
    I'm tired of fiddling around with ur betas. It's time for Access to get something stable to the table <-- LOL :D

  • its all over the place...
    I´m also using my TI via Midi cause I set up a total new PC System, but the Software wont find my TI anymore since its on a USB 3.0 port.

  • After 10 years I finally gave up and sold my Virus TI, sadly! It worked fine as a stand alone synth sometimes, even then it was unstable, but try to record it or sequence it with USB especially and nothing but a headache. Ultimately I could take no more, never did see light at the end of the tunnel with 10 years of OS updates. I'll never forget the first time I turned it on it crashed within seconds and output the most horrific screeching tone at max volume until I pulled the plug on it. It was an omen at that moment of the years to come. I'm really disappointed that the Virus had to go. In fact, I sold mine a couple weeks ago and am still on the forum hoping there are some signs of stability with the new OS that would entice me into repurchasing it. But alas it's the same ol same ol. I feel sorry for all the unsuspecting noobs who think they're gonna get a useful multitimbral synth when they spend $3000. What they're really going to get is a series of technical nightmares one after the other that never stop and ultimately make writing music a stressful experience.

    I'm not sure if it's the fault of Access or users who pretend this synth is acceptable but there is something terribly wrong with the fact that the Virus is still so problematic after all these years. The week I was selling it I recorded one final song just to make sure I wasn't making a mistake, a farewell song you could say, and by the time i was done the track was filled with random pops and clicks. I liked the song so I spent hours meticulously going through the waveforms of the song deleting the artifacts so I could actually post the song on Soundcloud. I think that was the final nail in the coffin. Soft synths sound really really great compared to the stress of the Virus. I guess if you're going to name a synth "VIRUS" you're just asking for it!

  • At times I thought I bought a glorified midi controller since using the VST would hardly work in Logic but I was wrong, even using it as a midi controller has hiccups. If anyones in the NYC area, I'm putting my Virus ti2 up for sale on Craigslist next week... I've had enough

  • Sold my TI Snow a few couple of weeks ago. Used to use it while im traveling as synth and soundcard but it was absolutely useless. It continuesly went out of sync, produced cracks, pops and always stopped audio while watching movies via flash player. support and forum admins couldn't help, saying same things like my set up is wrong bla bla..
    even tho i have a look from time to time if something happening regarding bug fixes or something here in the forum but nothing.
    i'm still using my old TI Desktop in the studio but it's buggy as fu** aswell.
    Virus TI sounds incredible without a doubt but at the same time it is the most annoying piece of gear i've ever bought.
    Have a look at gearsluts or logicuser, people are moaning everywhere!

  • In the beginning of 2015 I bought a new MacBook Pro with fastest CPU and biggest amount of memory. I also bought new Logic Pro X to it. So with brand-new setup I was curious to check how does TI work with it (I have had lot of problems in all those years with TI and my older mac). I also updated my Virus to latest OS.

    Guess what? Same old shit. Latency and sync problems. No matter what USB port is used and no matter if Virus is the only device connected to it. No matter if I try using Motu sound card or not. It's hard to see what is fundamentally wrong with my setup… Maybe it's finally time to Access to admit that there's something fundamentally wrong with their side.

  • Maybe us german user should gather together and make a Little roadtrip to Recklinghausen and ask politely for answeres. Since the email support is rather easy on its solutions and the only one in this forum trying to answere us, is Marc..

  • I must be a genius because my TI works!!!. As long as I don't swap audio drivers, if I do a reboot is needed. Although I only get 3 voices max, normally only 2. My middle c key is a bit warn out and my pitch bend wheel is unplugged, needs replacing. it is very old bought it not long after release.

    I've had all the same issues as everyone over the years but Mr Crackles no longer resides in my system. Because of VC it's the only hardware synth in my set up I still use.

    Edit: i'm not on a mac though!!!

    Anyone want to send me a project and i'll do a mix down see if it's crackle free.

  • Yeah I also had a negative experience with TI - inconsistent latency, crackling, had to actually -reboot the machine- (os x 10.10) to get it to work sometimes (so 90s). I have given up after about 3 months of persisting and am just using it via USB MIDI and 6 balanced TRS cables, so pretty much the same as my virus KB. And then everything is totally fine and I can get on with my life.

    It is pretty unbelievable that it doesn't actually work well enough to be used for music production when this is one of the synthesizers main selling points.

    On the other hand - the synth itself is incredible, so much better and more fan than doing subtractive synth stuff in software.

    If there is an another affordable VA (or analog??) synth that is as well designed and powerful as the virus than I'd love to hear about it..?

  • I have a Virus Snow and use Logic Pro 9. In the main I have very few problems, the occasional timing error, but mainly stable to the point where I can write a whole song using all four slots and bounce it down successfully. It occasionally freezes my system, but I can live with that - the sounds on the Virus are wicked and I'm having great fun making patches! :-) Maybe it just works better on older gear, as my Macbook is 7 years old!

  • @Marc, I am sorry I know that you are trying to help, but seriously your blind defense of TI just makes you either look ignorant or in denial. Open your eyes!!! Read around. The amount of people reporting issues is staggering. Jumping to defend it (on every post about an issue that I can see) and placing blame on everyone else's system is really getting pathetic. Would it be so hard to just say, "hey everyone, we know there are issues, we can't deny it anymore" PERIOD. The company as a whole I feel would gain a lot more respect when it doesn't look like a liar. THERE ARE ISSUES WITH TI and the entire Virus platform as a whole and its integration with ANY computer system, I don't care what it is, Mac or PC and ANY OS. To tell me that there is something fundamentally wrong with my system is just plain tongue in cheek lashing out foolishness. There is NOTHING wrong with my system, and the ONLY thing that behaves bizarrely is the Virus and its LACK OF INTEGRATION. I have NO other issues with ANY software or hardware on my Mac. Yet you still wanna say it's my system, that's just plain stupid, sorry. The worst part about all if this, is it has been going on for years and years and years, and yet you still act like DUH, I'm sorry, George it must be your system. Seriously, lame. Just stop already. I wanna love the Virus TI Snow so badly, but like many other users on here, I am afraid it's time to sell it. Hmmm anyone else notice the price drop across the board on for Access products???

  • Man, I totally agree. It's sad what has happened with the Virus, and with the support.
    I owned a Virus C, a Snow and a TI, I even have my old Virus C tattooed on my arm, which was the first of the "Show us your Virus Series" on Facebook. But I'm seriously disappointed, and after talking to some programmers specialised in DSP and Softwareintegration, I have to say, I'm quite certain that Access is having problems keeping up with the technology of today's Computers and DAWs.
    And yes, the comments of the support and in this forum of Access are to some point arrogant and unacceptable for something that costs that much.
    Look around, there is hardly any electronic music production forum, that has not Virus Problem Threads...

  • @mofi you are right my friend. Something is rotten in Denmark, pun intended. Apparently Access either can't find intelligent qualified engineers, or they just don't care enough to make things right and are a sinking ship. Either way, people are jumping off their boat...

  • Such a pain. Virus V5 with Cubase 8 = crap. Too bad because the hardware is great and the sounds are amazing.... Back to old school midi control, pity for so much money.

    Unfortunately there must be something wrong with the company :-(