Can one virus TI2 work with win7 64bit AND xp 32bit

  • i set up my virus ti2 on my win7 studio computer a while ago and it's all great.

    I have an older xp laptop that still serves me well and I wanted to install the virus VST on it so I could take it to a friend's studio. No way I can cart my PC around.

    I installed it but it says the software version on the virus does not match the software version of my vst.

    I'm guessing it's because I used "Virus TI Installer for Windows 64 bit" on my win7 computer but "Virus TI Installer for Windows 32 bit" on my XP computer.

    I hoped that this was"just" the software version but it appears to also be the virus software version, I suspect not but is there any way around this so I can use the Virus on both my computers?

  • Marc! Thank you very much, it was of course as you say! I've been meaning to come back to thank you.

    The non existent "issue" i created is that on the access software site the latest 32-bit version does NOT have "windows xp" listed in compatibility.

    Virus TI Installer for Windows 32 bit
    This software is compatible with Windows 7 32bit and Windows 8 32bit

    However LOWER down the list

    Virus TI Installer for Windows 32bit
    This software is compatible with Windows XP 32bit, Windows Vista 32bit and Windows 7 32bit.

    I mistakenly assumed that version would be the newest version that would run on XP. I installed 5.0.8 on xp and it's working fine.

    Thanks again.

  • Hey, for anyone having this problem: after reading this text I installed version 5 of the software, but some incompatibility issues with the drivers popped up. Then I installed software v4 and the virus gets recognized. So I think win XP support is not listed anymore because driver issues with some computers. Will now try to figure out using the new control software again now it has recognized my Virus TI Snow after installing the v4 software.