Virus TI2 MIDI over USB Issues

  • Greetings Virus Users! New user here.

    I have been experiencing intermittent (yet frequent) issues where the Virus does not appear to be sending MIDI data over USB. Or, perhaps it just the case that my DAW (Cakewalk SONAR X1) is not able to see it.

    When this occurs, I am still able to interact with the Virus using Virus Control, the Virus will still play sequenced data, and I can play the Virus from other controllers. I am unable to play or record using the Virus' keyboard. I have created projects without the Virus Control Plug-In, and still experience the issues with intermittently being unable to get the MIDI out of the Virus.

    The problem is usually fixed by restarting the Virus - both Sleep cycling and powering off have worked at one time or another (after shutting down, and before restarting SONAR, of course). I still can't find any pattern.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • hey mhrmusic:

    i had the same issue.

    on a laptop there where no problems.

    on a "Desktop-PC" you may NOT USE the provided USB-Ports because they are merged, and be handled as "Hub" !!!!

    I"ve solved that by installing the supplied USB-Port-Bracket, wich cames with my PC-Motherboard.

    After i"ve installed that additional USB-Port-Bracket on the PC-Motherboard, and attached the virus ti mk2 to it, everthing worked fine with the Virus.

    After that i didnt needed anymore to play the Virus Ti Mk2 by an additional attached Masterkeyboard.

    Maybe that helps :)

  • As soon Virus Control has started the keyboard is switched off.
    On my DAW (FL Studio) after setting in and out in the software to port 1 I can play with the keyboard notes but there won't be any aftertouch sendings to the midi.
    To get back the full use of the keyboard you need to switch "local on" on the Virus in the "Config" menu.