Yosemite console message and lost sync

  • Hi,

    I have narrowed down one issue that happens to me everytime I use my Virus. I am a long sufferer of problems with my Virus and still do. One issue that is reoccurring every time is that the pitch of a patch suddenly drops and then picks up momentarily. This action co-incides with this message in my OS X console overtime without fail:

    10/07/2015 11:08:09.483 Console[484]: Failed to connect (_consoleX) outlet from (NSApplication) to (ConsoleX): missing setter or instance variable.

    Does this mean anything at all to anyone!

  • I guess not ;( Well, once again I've done a complete and utter re-install with the latest Yosemite (10.10.4) Logic Pro 10.1.1 and the problem remains. As I've already had my main board of my Virus TI Polar replaced, I'm coming to narrow down the conclusions, either:

    My Mac Pro has a hardware problem - possible, it has been rock solid for 7 years.
    There is something in the Virus other than the mainboard which is causing this. USB chipset or power supply springs to mind.

    Please... Help ?(