Atomizer / Cubase 5.1 issue

  • Hi all,

    I 've seen some users having similar problems with other sequencers and I wonder if there is a solution to that yet.

    Atomizer stops working soon after the project is loaded, sometimes straight after editing any MIDI or audio data in the sequencer - even slightest adjustment of one note in MIDI track can trigger this to happen for me. Although in Virus Control I can see that midi data comes through to my Virus TI Snow, but nothing really happens - input audio is just playing as if no data was sent. Sometimes some features still work, like gating / filtering with modulation wheel, but triggering loops with action keys does not.

    Restarting Virus / Sequencer helps, but doing that every two minutes really sucks! :) For me the issue remains even after updating OS to beta.

    They say 'Atomizing loudly once a day keeps you happy :)', but I am yet to experience that :)

  • There is a thread somewhere regarding this issue.
    I'm having the same problem here.
    Marc said that 3.1 fixed that issue but.. people are still getting the problem.

    Access team, is somebody working on that?