new music Psy trance is all virus Ti ...;)

  • Nice track.

    You could enhance the sound by using midi and direct audio recording. Record all tracks one by one as full resolution wave files, mix the wave files aftermath. It will give you much punchy and bigger sound. It's more time consuming, but this way you'll be able to get rid of USB plugin limitation (48KHz) and have 96KHz resolution.

    Personally, I use the plugin for making sounds. Once done, I save the sounds in a mid file and flash it in the Virus and use midi then I do direct audio recording. For the automation, no problemo, most parameters are available as MIDI CCs or use your fingers to turn the potentiometers.

    @EG: Looks like the drums are coming from the virus. At least, to me, the drums sound synthesized. In the ROMs of the Virus there are a lot of usable drums.



  • thanks for the tip ..;) This has always been my goal, but unfortunately stole my studio and took me my Mac Pro, audio card and a controller .. :( and I am now summarized to my PC2core2.0mghz with 2g Ram and audio card (digi 001) Old or virus ... No I have another solution .the drums are from virus too... greetings

  • Nice bouncy track :)

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