Any news on a New Version Virus OS 6

  • One of the key selling points is that the Virus has consistently had updates to their firmware, usually adding very useful features that give us long time users warm fuzzy feelings. Other than updates to deal with OSX,and fix major bugs, everything in the Feature requests section is feeling lonely, and some of us are stranded in terms of using certain features without the Total Integration (I'm on Linux). So of course we are looking for updates. Up until a few years ago, one of the key selling points of the Virus series was the continual updates. The last real feature additions were in 2011. Some minor additions early in 2014, but it's almost 2016.

  • I'm so bored of the Virus at the moment, I hope something get's released soon. Haven't used mine for almost 1 year. Vsts are much more advanced at the moment, just look at Serum. Your move now Access.

  • I think this.....they won't update anymore and this is the best they can make it!
    There are small little bugs for year now that they also won't fix!
    So i will be surprised if there will be a new OS!
    And look what UXS SOUNDS can make with this thing! This sound are REALLY good!
    Ok the virus is no Xfer Serum and it won't be....

  • I am sure they will come out with a new synth. If you have been following advances in sound then you'd know that object based sound design in the works for DJ and producers. Think Dolby Atmos ... Multichannel audio will go the way of the dodo...and that is cool because it never sounded right. With object based sound positioning you work with sound objects not stems. So a DJ or a producer can literally place sounds with true 3D positing combined with movement and acceleration. Some clubs are being outfitted with this tech already and the cost is nominal since it is based on a decoder and obviously a few more speakers *grin*. Kind of getting off point but the sonic quality of music played in clubs will finally have room to breath. It will also change the way music is produced at every level.

    So, considering that DJing and producing have become so popular why would Access back out now? The future is bright! Do we need a TI3 with more processing poser? could come out. Maybe more performance based effects and knob layout, no menu diving, tighter support for the plugin, a power off button, etc... So far I am happy with the Virus. It's bloody powerful as it stands. VSTI's are good for sure but now I am capable of abusing my PC for other tasks since the Virus can create such wicked sounds.

  • Don't be sorry...that crystal ball of yours might just work....I never said it will happen tomorrow but wanted to stress that the future of hardware synths and their firmware are not dead. Just look at the advances in the last 20 years. There is a market for us and the demand has never been higher.

    lIf not this then there will be something else...anyway this is another topic to discuss on another thread.


  • I want new hardware like Virus TI3, with much more DSP power etc <img src="" alt=":)" />

    Exactly. I loved the Virus TI2 but I had to send it back after three replacements (all hardware faults).

    I also spent 50 euros to get a third party editor/librarian so really not happy about this.

    The TI integration was not working properly neither on Mac nor on a monster PC, it's simply old technology and at this day and age with all those poweful VSTs around it's not realistic to be solving problems when you are in the middle of a busy session.
    I hope if and when TI3 comes out it will be a breeze to integrate it with the DAW with super stable software. And please make it work so that we can use professional interfaces with it (RME, Prism Sound). I think the biggest problem with the TI was that it was trying to carry audio and act as an interface so it was introducing latency, midi synchronization problems, glitches etc even on very powerful systems.

    I hope Access keeps it simple but effective this time. I am also looking forward for a TI3 as it was a bit sad that I couldn't have my TI2 working properly.

  • I brought a virus recently and was sold on the idea because of the integrated IOS and continued support but now realize that its a company that's at the end of its run. I feel the guys at Access have taken the hardware as far as they can and really doubt there will be another IOS update. Just hope people do a lot of research before spending any money on Virus hardware.

  • I just suppose and think that at the moment the engineers are more focused on the Kemper Amp, or maybe there is a TI3 or whatever in their projects...but...stores have lots of viruses to be sold, many people is selling the TI 'cause of VC problems and you can find them on 2nd hand market at decent prices. Considered all the facts, if Access comes out with a new Virus or just abandon the TI2, those synths will remain all unsold (unless they seriously drop the price, but I doubt this will ever happen).
    This is why I still hope & suspect that this silence could be the quiet before the storm...
    Maybe I am wrong, maybe not...well...we are just chatting and supposing.

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