Virus TI softwware won't install on windows 10

  • I've downloaded the latest version of the TI software (beta 5.1), and am trying to install the 64 bit version on my alienware 15 laptop to use with my virus snow. It doesn't seem to want to install. It starts to install and tells me to plug my virus in, but then just gets stuck half way through the installation. The little green progress bar is stuck half way along. I thought maybe it was a long installation process so I just left it for around 30 minutes but when I came back it was still at the same place.

    Anyone come across this problem and can offer any solutions to the problem?

  • Today I had to reinstall the TI software because I had to move my TI Polar to a different USB port. I'm running Windows 10 x64 and I had no problems installing the software. I turned off the TI, made sure to uninstall to uninstall the TI software (from control panel), plugged in the TI into the USB port and turned on the TI. I then ran the software install. It prompted me to make sure the TI was plugged in and turned on, which it was, and then copied some files. After that the installation program had me reboot the DAW. Upon rebooting it did the firmware upgrade step and finished.