Virus TI2 Desktop and Presonus Studio One 3 - Writing automation problem

  • Hello,

    I've switched to Presonus Studio One for a couple of monthes now. I really enjoy the DAW and Virus TI2 integration has been working flawlessly from the very begining exept that I can't write automation from the desktop's knobs to the instrument track in the daw, whatever the automation writing mode (write, touch, latch...) and whatever the Vsti version (2 or 3).
    The only workaround : I have to manually activate EACH parameter I want to "move" on the desktop in the current track, then writing is ok.
    I wish I could tweak any knob while editing a Virus track w/o having to activate it previously...

    Am I missing something ? Is it a limitation of S1 ? Of the Vsti ?

    Cheers frome Paris