Idea for 'Rythym Mode' - Convert a single part into a virtual 8-Part drum machine

  • Idea for ‘Rythym Mode’ (Common Patch setting)

    This idea would allow a single patch to be used like an 8-part drum machine, kinda like a 909 on steroids. It’s a pretty major feature request, but if it was released in an update, many bricks would be shat, it would also allow Snow TI users to use the virus for drums without having to sacrifice most/all of their timbral parts.

    Selecting this feature, (within the common menu) would allow separate envelope, filter envelope and osc settings to be mapped to 8 octaves. Each octave could then be used to create a drum patch, (eg; octave 1 = Kick, octave 2 = Hats etc). The KEYFOLLOW mod source could then be used to modulate parameters within the octaves, for example, it could be used to modulate the delay time of a kick drum, so that C1 gives a long 808 style kick, while B1 gives a short sharp ‘poppy’ kick.

    I understand that the envelope assignments would be a problem when, for example, a kick drum is playing in the same instance as a hi-hat, perhaps producing envelopes that use an average of simultaneous values would be a work-around. It would not sound like an authentic drum machine, but it could produce sound really wild hybrid rhythm sounds. (Market it that as a feature, not a compromise!)

    This feature would also be useful for creating a broad range of blips, zaps and sweeps to be used on a single part.

    I know it’s a huge ask, but, you know, it would be pretty sweet! :thumbsup: