Virus turned itself on, by itself!??

  • This evening I was walking past my Virus TI (which was plugged in, and in Standby mode), and I noticed that two of the white lights were blinking in tandem–I believe it was one of the LFO lights and the Osc Volume light.

    Then the Virus powered on from standby. It went through the normal loading screen and was ready to go. There was a message about being connected to USB, but it was not at the time connected to my computer via USB (only the USB plug is connected to the back of the Virus TI).

    It had not been used for several days, but stays plugged in, on Standby. It is usually not connected via USB, though the USB cable remains in the port in the back of the Virus TI.

    What could have caused this? Could this be happening without my knowing it?

    Furthermore, if it has happened before, would it be possible that I not know? That is, does the Virus TI go back into Standby mode after some period of time of non-use?