Virus TI - what is the point of MULTI-SINGLE mode?

  • I don't understand why anyone would use MULTI-SINGLE mode, when they could use MULTI mode.

    As far as I can see this is the difference:

    MULTI MODE - you can save 16 different patches in each MULTI patch. You can save & load them at will and switch between them all no problem.

    MULTI-SINGLE MODE (SEQ MODE) - Nothing you do is actually saved inside the virus, so when you disconnect the computer all your patches have dissapeared.

    ?? Can some one explain the logic of having this MULTI-SINGLE mode at all? I mean does it sound better or something, or what is the point of it?

  • Hiya! I'm assuming you mean the Sequencer mode? I'm not familiar with the TI having an actual Multi-Single mode...?

    Multi-Single mode (Which is originally from the original Virus A/B/C) was for editing the actual patch used in the Multi. Now this has been cleaned up a lot in the TI series, and if you make changes to banks A/B those are stored in the multi itself, but every other bank requires you to store it in A/B first. Multi-Single mode held the patch in memory until you decided to save it in a real slot. The other reason to be in that mode was setting edit parameters for the patch including things like Analog Boost etc, which didn't make sense in multi mode, since they use that menu for the actual multi.

    Sequencer Mode is a quick and dirty way to assign all the slots to channels appropriately, saving us from having to set up custom multi's all the time just to get a patch per channel.

  • Newbie... so if using a TI desktop using the controller in my DAW. Using sequencer mode I don't have to set up the midi customs areas? But if I save my song and reopen will the same patches still show up?

    What is the pro/con using each in your DAW?

  • Sequencer mode's great. It's essentially a standalone TI mode, albeit one that doesn't save (you have to dump a sysex 'arrangement' to save the seq mode settings). Though it'll save the last used seq mode settings when you power down, I think.

    This is why a lack of non USB TI editor is frustrating -- it's all there in the synth, just needs a purely MIDI version of Virus Control for snapshot/recall. It'd be a perfect way to step over the TI USB timing issues completely.

  • Why not just use sequencer mode and set the bank and program number for a track as part of the track in the daw? The Ti's bank and program change is straight forward. I am even able to use my A70 controller to pull up scenes with layer/splits configured to use different patchs on my TI when its in sequencer mode. The configuration is stored in the scene on my A70. VERY convenient. :)