Help with Cubase 8.5

  • Hello. Is anyone using Cubase 8.5 with the Virus TI2 and the virus software? The manual that Access has is for Cubase 3... Which in my opinion is totally useless... Hope someone has some ideas on how to set it up with Cubase as well as production tips.
    thanks so much,
    Kimberlyn :)

  • Cubase 8.5 User Virus TI1 here. Just upgraded and the Virus sets up even easier now.Previously the Virus had to be loaded in the VST rack for multi parts. Now as Cubase can have multiparts for a standard instrument track, loaded as you would a 1 part VST, workflow is improved.

    I must add, the simple lil feature upgrades in 8.5 made me very happy on the purchase. So much has been improved. I hated the new mixer when I tried it in an 8 demo but I'm loving it now. Midi editing has gone to a whole new level too.

  • what informations do you want / need?

    die besten Wünsche - best regards

    Win 7 64 - Cubase Pro 8 - Yamaha moxf 6 - access Virus TI - access Virus for PowerCore - Waldorf blofeld