Frankly getting fed up - glitchy

  • Well, i think the subject says it all. I'm fed up with trying to bounce projects with Virus TI2 songs millions of times with the hope that one of them doesn't have some kind of stupid glitch or slow down! At the moment i get all the way through the song then at the end with just 1 synth sound running (that has otherwise been perfectly fine throughout the first 3 mins) decides to change tempo and lag. Cant get around this unless i bounce the song in 2 halfs.

    I don't think the lack of processing power is acceptable to be honest with the cost of this.

  • Is the virus the only thing connected to the Overhub?
    I can see how the Overhub would help manage bandwidth of multiple USB devices, but not that it would do anything different to connecting virus directly to one of the mac USB ports?

    Interested because I'm having all kinds of issues with TI stability.

  • Nope - I have Rytm, Analog4, Octatrack, Tempest, Steinberg dongle and iLok dongle connected to the Overhub.

    I'm not ever-so happy with Overbridge at the minute, so I'm not using the connection to those other devices for any kind of streaming. So, sysex transfers, MIDI notes etc.

    I have a second 7 port Belkin hub, for MIDI connection to a whole load of other devices.

    ...and a Superdrive connected directly to the Mac Pro's USB ports, because it needs powering.

  • Very interesting.

    I wonder if the Overhub, with MTT, then does a better job than the Macs USB bus at keeping all USB connected devices happy.
    i.e. even better job than 4 devices connected to their own mac USB port.

  • Oh, man, can't get the Overhub to work without getting "Not enough resources to support this device" errors, will have to do some research. Ok, I did get it to work once, after a very complicated boot-up procedure, but never after that time.


  • there must be something screwy with your Mac setup.

    probably the Win10 stuff... :P

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  • Might not work, but then again this might just be the answer, at least short term...

    For any track you have an arp on, make that track the selected track when you bounce it. I had sync issues when I was using an arp on the TI, when the selected track was not one of the TI's tracks.

    I know this sounds as though it won't do anything, but it worked for me so might be worth a try.

  • I am very doubtful this has anything to to with it, but I will throw it in there in case from your hub to your Virus you have some 3M USB lead going to it or some such - I read a very short USB2.0 lead is good, so I have one of these. £1.99…geName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

    Cost peanuts and I don't get any sync issues. Going straight onto Motherboard (PC)

    (I do get a blue screen but never since making my Snow first synth in the Cubase project)

    Sorry to hear of your problems.

    Just an idea... how about a short MIDI part in advance of the section you want to bounce out... to sync it up ready for the part you do want.. it might jog it into sync before the section you need. Also I always let my Virus power up/boot and flash its LFO LED at me before I boot my computer, just feels right for some reason. And then when my sequencer has loaded the project I was 20 seconds before I start anything.

    Every system seems different.. how about adjusting latency settings, any improvement ?

    Make your Virus tracks the first in the project ?

    Also.. how about getting your arrangement and doubling (copy and paste it up your DAW time line) after the end section that is screwing up in the hope that a run on somehow keeps the section you want going ok. Then edit the bounced .wav/aiff.

    I think sometimes to trouble shoot a problem you have to think out the box to get a solution... far from ideal but get you through this song and them you can investigate/sort out the problem more permanently once complete.

    Just keep trying things out but don't keep bouncing again and again without changing something that would definitely drive one nuts.

    Being so peed off with it can sometimes cloud your trouble shooting process.. good luck !

  • Just to add.. I had a delay that was going a bit AWOL today (seemingly changing its designated timing) and so what I did was to change the delay timings to something else, switch it back to my chosen delay and it seemed to refresh whatever was
    going screwy and sorted it. Sometimes just switching to an alt setting and then back again clears some bottleneck or memory issue. along with the obligatory start/stop/give it a couple of bars run up.

    Hardly scientific, but just switching things sometimes helps TI get back on track.