Angelic deep pads (some trouble)

  • I've been trying to make pads like these for years and never quite get it. I feel like I have the right synth finally in the access but still I struggle with getting it to sound deep/detroit and angelic like these 3 examples:

    If anyone can help I would be very grateful.

  • They just sound like filtered/heavily filtered HyperSaw pads with a long release time and some reverb.

    You will probably only need one hypersaw osc for those as theyre not particularly dense. Try setting osc 1 to hypersaw with a medium density, 3.0 - 5.0 should be fine. Experiment with the detune factor until it sounds good, higher values often make richer sounds. Filter it with a LP filter down to 50-70, wherever sounds good to you, maybe a touch of resonance. Try the normal LPF or the analog multipole filters for a more organic sound. The 4-pole analog to my ears is less harsh than the Virus' stock LPF. Add some modulation, perhaps slight oscillator pitch modulation with a slow sine on LFO1.

    Add some reverb with high time factor.

    Play some chords!