New Ti2 Desktop owner here

  • Hello. Just got my first Virus last night after waning one for many years.

    I almost pulled the plug on one in 2000 after reading October Keyboard magazibes top 12 VA synths article, but at that time bought a Quasimidi Polymorph instead. Here it is 16 years later and finally have my virus!

    Back then I used the Polymorph with a Yamaha SU-700 sampler, Roland MC-303, Korg EX-800, and my guitar running into a zoom 505 pedal to make all my music.

    I then went in the box and made music with various programs and DAW's including a decade of Ableton Live. Almost two years ago I closed the PC up and went back to hardware.

    The Virus is really my crowning synth to a full plate of hardware

    Roland MV-8800, 3x Moog Mother 32's, Korg Minilogue, Arturia Minibrute, M-Audio Venom, Waldorf Blofeld, Moog Werkstatt, Blue Lantern Salamander Modular, MC-303, Yamaha RM1-X, Roland SH-32, Novation Circuit, Several guitars, three different guitar amps

    It was more than refreshing to lose the PC. I still like softsynths, but only on my iPad - of which I use a wide variety of ipad synths.

    Great to finally have the Virus! So far it sounds every bit as good as I imagined.

    Looking forward to exploring all the features and getting to sound designing which I love. I'm kind of a hack keyboard player, but really love sound design, and love synthesizers in general. As much as my guitars if not more. About 35 years on guitar

    Music styles from Metal to Industrial to EDM and even classic style hard rock. Anything I feel like making really.

    MV-8800 is master seqiencer controlling all the hardware synths currently hooked up to it (which is most listed, but not all).

    Anyway - just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.