Midi keyboard messes with my virus

  • Hello,

    So, lets get rid of this irritating problem that I encounter right now.
    My MIDI Keyboard (the Behringer U-control UMX490) has a few knobs but it is changing my sound and messes with my virus settings.
    Like changing the LFO rate out of the sudden or the pan position is all the way to the right without a reason.
    Now I know that this is the fault of the keyboard because I also had this problem with Nexus2.
    So how can I turn the knobs off, but that I still can play the piano?

    Greetings, John.

  • Your Midi Keyboard is sending controller messages that are used by the Virus. Probably no easy way to get rid of this, you should read the documentation for your keyboard, perhaps it lets you disable controllers, or set them to something the Virus isn't using. Alternatively you could go through your DAW, a lot of them allow track filtering.