Virus TI Snow - discontinued?

  • Hi, when I search for a dealer which has the TI Snow it becomes very difficult! Many many shops say "not available anymore"?! Did I miss something, is the TI Snow (what a great little and portable machine) discontinued? That would be really bad..

  • Over the last couple of years there has been on and off production problems with the virus snow model, it was the same when I bought mine. Was out of stock across Europe at the time. But allot of stores as you say are saying it's now not part of there range.
    I wonder if a native virus is on the horizon to replace the snow. Or...UAD just announced accelerator cards for USB Windows platform, so now that all options Seem to be covered maybe it's finally been ported.
    I for one would welcome the TI on a thunderbolt card however whatever happens I hope it's not another native synth for every kid to download a warez. One of the real values of the virus apart from the obvious great sound and features is that it can't be just downloaded for free, I have the feeling of something valuable and special in my set up, I hope if they do eventually go native they ILOK it or indeed go down the route of accelerator cards. Maybe I'm completely wrong though

  • Access have confirmed it - the Snow is discontinued. I received this from Kemper sales team: "The Snow isn't available and we are not planning to make new Snows in the nearer future.”