Problem Cubase and Virus Indigo II

  • Hello,

    sorry for my bad English. ;(

    I have a question about virus indigo II and Cubase Al 8.
    Everything was connected and Steinberg interface is on.
    Midi Tracks are prodused.

    :cursing: Then a problem: Now, i press play ,all Midi tracks run together and hangs the kick
    - the volume going up and down - kick is abnormal.

    - is the virus overloaded ?
    - Which virus indigo setting is optimal/perfect for Cubase ?

    Please Help me !!!

  • Any chance you can try using it with the audio out 1/4 jacks and see if that resolves the problem ?

    I have not used an indigo but I feel its a USB issue to you maybe having

    Search the forum for best USB set up if you really want to use it or send access an email with your issues