Can the Virus TI output audio through output 1 and be used as a MIDI controller Simultaneously?

  • Hi there,

    Is it possible to have the Virus connected to USB as a MIDI controller and at the same time have it's audio coming through output 1?

    I use the virus as my main MIDI controller in Ableton but I also like to record audio directly out of the virus. It's a hassle having to pull out the USB cord every time I want to have audio from output 1.

    Is there a work around or a setting available?

    Thanks folks

  • Definitely possible. I use all three outputs from my TI Polar while using it as a USB connected controller. I can also receive digital audio through USB at the same time. Go to the Common section of the TI plugin and you can set which output to use for a patch. I always us the audio out from the TI for recording.