TI2 Polar - Is there a latch or hold function other than in Arp mode?

  • Hello,

    Is there a way to latch/hold a note on the TI2, I realise it can be done in Arp mode but is there a way to achieve this without the Arp on in general playing? (without pedal).

    It's great fun letting a note drone and tweaking it with both hands, of course you can maximise release in the amp envelope but that still fades eventualy,


  • I'm not sure on the Polar, but on the TI2 Desktop, if I hold down the audition button for more that a few seconds it will latch. You need to use the panic button combo to turn it off. It isn't a hold switch though.

  • That does work on the polar but it will only play middle C note so I think perhaps thats just a glitch in the programming or something.
    pretty amazing that such an epic synth doesn't seem to have a simple latch button for psychedelic tangents.

    Does anyone know of any other ways?

    Is there perhaps a way to set the amplifier envelope release to infinite?

  • You can always use a Footpedal for sustain. Turn up the Sustain and Sustain Slope (Shift sustain) all the way and the release all the way. Voila a note that goes on forever. I recommend putting it in mono mode though. Or at least that worked on my Virus B ;)

  • Yeah it kinda blows not having one. I just use a toothpick wedged across the key I'm holding down and under the 2 keys next to it when I'm getting my psycadelic on, which is a lot these days, as much as it shouldn't it kinda feels right now...... Like it inspires my psyc using a tree to drone out a wave of morphing bliss.