Exporting Access Virus TI tracks to Audio mixdown in Cubase 8.5

  • When I used to use Cubase 4 I could simply get everything how I wanted it and hit Export-Audio mixdown and it would give me a file that I could open in ITunes and I could bore my friends with my track at work whilst I listened for what needed to change and work on it the following night and all was right with the world .
    Try and do that in 8.5 and you will receive the message "Virus TI tracks are not supported in audio mixdown ." Boring or what ?
    So what is the work around ?

    1, Set up your access virus TI as an instrument track.
    2, Create several Midi tracks assigned to the Access Virus TI and record each part (midi) on each track .
    3, Create a "group/fx bus and assign the Access Virus TI to it, this is easiest done in the mixer window (Access Virus IN ,assign the group bus output to your main stereo out )
    4, Create a single audio track assigned to receive from the group bus, again assignment is vastly easier in the mixer window .
    5. hit record on your audio track and play one soloed midi track .
    6 repeat 5 until all midi tracks have their own audio track .
    7 Now when you export your mixdown all is well just remember to mute any midi tracks that you have recorded or you will get the message again .

    You advanced guys will probably say "yes....Obviously that is how you do it " but for a nube like me I would have loved someone to tell me this a few hours ago .

    Hope this helps some of the new guys or old pros who are having an upgrade nightmare .(like me)[*]

  • Freeze track could work as well, and should be easier to do. At least that's what I did to get audio tracks of my Sub 37.

    Would need an external instrument track for each MIDI channel of the virus. I have to try that...

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