Virus TI2 preset list in PDF

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    I've grown tired of sync issues with the TI2 arpeggiator when using Virus Control so I switched to a setup where I am using the TI2 in Multi mode. Using S/PDIF in+out for audio, and USB for MIDI (port named Virus Synth). This seems to get rid of this problem — arps are now running fine every time. I am surprised Access did not tackle this problem yet — on stage no one wants the arp to run wild!

    However, I now have the problem that I cannot search the large preset list. This was convenient in Virus Control. I found a file called "Patchnames.pdf" but the list is wrong, as it does not match the presets in So I wrote a tool that converts a .vtibackup file to .csv. At the end of the tool chain a PDF came out which I am now sharing with anyone who is interested (see attached file). I did see some people here in the forum asking for text export features or an updated patch list, so here it is.

    Also thought about creating a text that can be imported into Logic Pro X (Environment -> Multi instrument -> Options -> Paste All Names) but since LPX only supports 15 banks the Virus banks won't fit.

  • Thank you very much!

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  • So give the VC another try: You already have established the solution: Audio Clocking via SPDIF resolved the Problem of "out of sync" issues. I don't know at what sample rate you use the Virus with what kind of audiointerface, but check first (that means before launching LPX) the audiomidi app (sample rates are shown there) in your System, they should be equal (found out that some weird ways of influence my monitor had, set at 48kHz instead of 44kHz). LPX should be set to the same sample rate. So my interface is set in "slave" mode and also connected via SPDIF with the Virus TI2. The Virus accepts only 44,1 or 48 as far as i

    I ran a short cycle/loop (with a little complex notevariation at the end oft he cycle) with the "Banj Arp" Patch and the metronom for over 1 hour. The syncing with the Metronom was perfect.

    just a thought if your still on Mojave…

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