Considering the abandonment of the Virus, would you buy another?

  • Considering Access' seeming abandonment of the Virus (particularly with the software), would you purchase another Virus if they offered a newer model in the future? Personally, I'm a little annoyed at Kemper's complete disregard of the Virus in favour of the amp. Everything they're promising on the amp right now (like frequent software updates) was what they told Virus owners. Don't get me wrong - the Virus is one of the best synths of all time, but Kemper forgetting about the customers that built the company has left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Is that the final word on the street? I've had my Virus TI MK1 keyboard since 2006, so ten years of free innovative software updates is not bad imho considering other manufacturers have no such thing, sold as seen as it were. I understand the gripes, as I've had a few over the years but I'm enjoying the TI right now and this will probably curse me but she's working nice!

    I had noticed it's gone a bit quiet round here but no news is good news? Just my thoughts.

  • I still love the Virus sound. I know people say you can do the same in software, & you probably can. I can't. So... until I get tired of what the Virus does and/or I learn how to use my computer, I'll keep my Virus around. If it were to bread, or get stolen, it'll be one of the first things to be replaced.