• Hi, I'm trying to reverse engineer a sound on the Virus Ti2 and struggling as it isn't acting as i'd have thought it would. I've stripped the sound back by disabling the mod matrix sources and all but Osc 1 which is in Classic mode, Saw>Pulse 90%. However it clearly isn't just that as when i recreate this in an initialised patch it is nothing like the sound i'm trying to isolate or re create. It has nice warm overtones.

    Also and what started me looking into this is that i wanted to change the filter env of the original sound. Whilst mucking about to try and get to the bottom of this i noticed that in the Amp env, if i turn all parameters down to zero it still produces a sound. I can't for the life of me understand where the sound is coming from and why the env settings aren't having the expected result. Any ideas?

  • When this happens to me, usually if I dig deep enough and long enough I will find something that is still on somewhere- ring mod, noise, osc saturation, something. :)

  • Cheers, yeah good point. I managed to re create the patch pretty much. Didn't manage to get to the bottom of why the amp env seemed to be being bypassed but now have the sound i was after with the control over filter and amp which is what was alluding me in the preset I initially begun with. :)