Sound leakage through closed filter.

  • Anyone come across this. I have turned all matrix amounts to zero isolated fitler 1 turned env amount to 0 and cutoff to 0 and yet sound is still coming through. Even on empty or initialised patches there is a slight sound leakage but moreso on more complex sounds. I've updated the firmware to no avail.
    Is there anyone in the UK that does repairs on virus synths that you might recommend?

  • It depends on the routing and filter balance. And also on the filter type. No filter completely shuts of the sound: It's always a slope from the filter cutoff frequency. AFAIK, most classical synth LP filters have the lowest cutoff frequency at 20 Hz, which means that this frequency will still come through with unaltered level (depending on the Q factor, either less or even more). You can try that out with the 4 different Analog Filters modes: The fully closed 1 pole filter still lets a lot come through, while you'll just get a low bass with the 4 pole filter.

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