Latency using usb vs analog audio outputs - ti2

  • Hello everyone!

    I was using my ti2 with fl studio, with virus control plugin, and it worked pretty good, except one thing. The latency was huuuuge. Fl compensated everything about 86ms, so real time recording was really problematic. It was set all on usb outputs.

    Now, i want to buy a new audio interface (scarlett 18i8) and connect ti2 to it, and my midi keyboard. No usb connection, just over midi. So:

    1. Can i set spdif out as one of three available?
    I want to connect it thru 1 spdif + 2x analog outs = 3 channels to scarlett

    2.Latency will be same as connected through usb? If not, how much will it be?

    3.How to set up everything properly without virus ti control plugin?

    Sorry for my bad english, if its bad :P

  • Hi MrMateusz

    Proud user of FL 12 here with a TI2, working with the TI software though and a Saffire Pro 24 interface. I'll help as much as I can!

    1. The actual hardware or the TI software doesn't allow you to select digital out (unless if I missed this) - I think you have to set the output as "Out1 L+R" so the digital out is a copy of Out1-just like the headphones socket. Please note that with 2x analogue outs for a total of 3 channels, the analogue ones will be mono.

    2. Not sure about this as i've never tried it - i'm using other midi only hardware synths and the latency is truly negligible - both when playing and recording. I always check the syncing manually though after rendering just in case.

    3. We have 3 options here:
    a. Midi Out FL plugin
    b. Patcher FL plugin (in case you have lots of time available!)
    c. Try out an already made editor for the virus, like the mystery islands one.

    I hope this helps!
    Kind regards,

  • If you're playing in what you record, set the project latency tighter. You won't be able to do it if you have loads of plugins running but that usually shouldn't be so until the mix down stage. Does the live button not work in FL, direct monitoring, I use cubase.