Wrong buffer size detected? *FL Studio - solved*

  • Hi guys...First of all please let me make clear that i did create a support ticket to Access, however I'm not receiving a confirmation email so, not sure if they have received my query. Below I'm copying the same ticket created.

    Hi there,

    When I load the TI software (TIS) the following comes up

    Virus TI has discovered a setup problem. The host is using an odd audio interface buffer size which causes communication problems. Please adjust the buffer size to any of the following sample values instead: 64 128 256 512.

    Now my sample rate actually is 512 and the above error still comes up. So far I have tried the following without success of getting rid the message:
    -changed buffer size to 64 128 256 512
    -reinstalled soundcard
    -reninstalled Virus
    -downgraded virus to previous version
    -upgraded again to latest version
    -tried older version of my DAW
    -changed USB port (which is on a dedicated PCI slot, so the virus is on its own)
    -switched audio driver to asio4all
    -switched back and forth to 48khz and 44.1khz sample rate. The virus is set to automatic/external.

    Please note that the error doesnt come up when i load the 64bit version of TIS, however I have unfinished projects that use the 32bit version and the error does come up every single time.

    Extra info: I use FL 12.3 and have 32GB of RAM installed. My OS is Win8.1. My virus is desktop TI2. Any tips are welcome!

    Thank you,