Crossing that bridge!

  • Ok guys ive allways used vsts . i mean i got my v ti and still continued to do so . this has to change. Because thats weak in my opinion. Lol. Ok checkit out. My Daw is cubase 8 pro so the midi capabilities are strong so ive studied. Im using ctrlr. Editor but i think Cubans pro offers its own as i just read. I have a midi track open and am geting signal and sound but its not going throug cubase . my questin is how do i rout the audio to a empty instrument track and can i do this while using the ti as a interface?

  • I just tried that out a couple of days ago and it works pretty well. General idea is to set up your synth as a VST "Device" and assign the audio in/out channels in the VST Device Setup.

    Devices > VST Connections > External Instruments > Add External Instrument

    Give it a name (e.g. "My Virus TI") and choose the appropriate number of Stereo Returns (3). Then assign the Audio Device (interface) and Device Ports (channels). Now you can create a Instrument track (NOT a Midi Track) and select Instrument > Steinberg > External Plugins > YourSynth from the VST Plugin menu.

    For further information look for External Instrument in the Cubase Manual.

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